Malcolm X [Hired Gun]

Zombie Malcolm X
Marker work-up
MP, 2013

So I was asked to design a tattoo for a dear friend, and kind of loved that I have no experience drawing zombies whatsoever so of course I trolled the internet for like an hour looking at different interpretations of zombies and writing down feature suggestions after finding a traditionally recognized portrait of Malcolm X. it was important to me to pick a photo people would immediately recognize as Malcolm, as it was important that he was the character portrayed and with some of the alterations I realized would result from “zombie-fying” a person would change his recognizability. I began by drawing that portrait of Malcolm, taking care to capture it all in an illustrative style. I then looked at the notes I had made from my google zombie search and decided how to place those decaying features.  Since some results were sort of cheesy, I also searched things like “decaying ____” and went from there. As a result, I am 100% sure I am probably being flagged by the government and put on a list (a different one from the ones I’m probably already on of course)

Conceptually I liked the “life after death”/undead metaphor standing in physically for the contributions and changes that continue to take place in society after Malcolm’s assassination.

The concept: Malcolm X Zombie
Color palette: B&W or color, Illustrative: Graphic Novel style.


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