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Misfits [Type Practice]


Love Endures

MP, 2014

Language Constructions

As many know, I’m interested in studying the concept of language and its construction. Here are examples of a few of the pieces and studies I’ve been working through.
Changes Over Time Language study exercise (Here’s another previously posted)
The first and last letters remain consistent, as well as the letter length of the word
Oh, how things change.
 Letter rearrangement exercise in language construction. The original word is hand drawn in a sans serif face, cut out and the letters are rearranged to form a new word.
MP 2014
Constructing Apologies
from the word construction exercises
MP 2013

Jellyfish Tattoo! [Hired Gun]

It’s going to be the basis of a sleeve for a beloved client.
MP 2013

What Time Does Not Change, Death Cannot Touch

MP, 2014

Random Crap Update

Birthday card for Abby
Random sketch on an index card that fell out of my 2D Design book, circa 2008.
Based on Ryan Thompson‘s art exhibit talk.

Alphabet a day [January]

So I’m doing an alphabet a day to practice my handtype drawing skills.