Eight Inch Pots

What are they?

These pots are terra-cotta 8 inch standard which means that they are eight inches in diameter and eight inches deep. They all have drain holes in the bottom of them approximately an inch wide in diameter. They are also all painted with Patio Paint and Liquitex Acrylics, as well as sealed (inside and out, twice!) with Krylon Crystal Clear Finish.


Note: these are not all of my designs. Of course I would be willing to customize pots for any of my customers.



This design features blotches of color outlined in black for a mosaic effect.



This design features sunflowers and small decorations around the entire pot.


Tri-Level Design

This pot features three layers of color: Brown, Gold and red, with designs on each level.


Basket Weave

This pot features a faux basket weave design with small vines peaking out from between the layers.


Picket Fence Scene

This pot features a picket fence with trees around the entire pot.

strange birds

Strange Birds

This pot features three odd birds on branches singing.


Brown Floral

This pot features a floral pattern in blue, white and gold.


Black Floral

This pot features a floral pattern in red and white.


Patchwork Pot

This pot features faux patchwork in yellow, orange, red, green and blue.


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One response to “Eight Inch Pots

  1. Hi,

    I work with your mom. I would like to buy a 10″ pot from you in the basket weave design.

    How much would it cost and can I give your mom a check?


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